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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Scone of the month and spring flowers at Flatford Mill

The original plan was to go to London today for an opera... but for various reasons our preference was for a bit of fresh air.

So... we started with Breakfast at West Street Vineyard - and very nice it was too :D

From there, onto Flatford Mill - for a walk about - it was a bit grey and chilly but nonetheless plenty to see..

OK - so I'm feeling grumpy :D

Then into the tea room for the 'scone of the month' which was.....

Salted Caramel. the scone was really nicely cooked but the flavour didn't come out enough for me... a good scone however. :)

An Easter bunny.. :)

This mallard was high up on the top of the houses :)

After that we drove back taking our time and popped in to Leigh's Cheeses and Baythorne Wines.. where some purchases were made.

A good day overall :D ...


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Lovely lungwort! As for grumpy birds, I reckon the greenfinch looks grumpiest of all!

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Simon but think you'll find it's a chaffinch ☺

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