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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Florence Day 8 - On our way home.. via Pisa.... Sat 28 March

and we're off home...  under a cloudless blue sky and beautifully warm sunshine... such a pity we couldn't have had weather like this during the week..... however......

We've travelled via Pisa on three separate occasions now and apart from visiting the Baptistry and Tower etc. we've never explored the town.  Well today we rectified that omission

We lodged our luggage at the airport, and then caught the bus to the Tower....; not so busy today being March rather than August!

First visit for Mr Ponders..

and Mr Quacks :D

and a wander around the town


and along the river.. and again we saw Swallows .... lovely :

We came across a park..

Last wandering through the town before reaching the station where we caught the bus back to the airport.

A fabulous day  - I shall be back to Tuscany.... and Florence.... a place I love...

Just a couple more blog posts to come...... but that's for later...

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