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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Winkworth Arboretum - in Bluebell season..

I met a friend at Winkworth today... the weather was ... erm  very very wet.  Chucking it down when we arrived so we had a hot drink whilst waiting for an improvement.

Improvement happened in that the rain became less heavy so we set off for a wander.

Is this an 'ordinary' nettle?.. very pretty..


This always brings a smile to my face..

the resident Geese...

We stood here whilst Swallows flew close above our heads and dipped and dived into the water.. magic!!

Bottom of the Azalea steps..

This is a fallen tree that has been carved with a flight of steps leading up to a seat.... wonderful :)

and the top of the Azalea steps..

Decided we would have a scone before going off.... a Fruit Scone - a very good one ... (no pic today)

A lovely wander despite the rain and being a tad distracted for my friend who had an ominous problem with the car on the journey down.... now back home safely I'm pleased to say and contact will be made with a friendly mechanic, who's expertise will now be sourced.


Ragged Robin said...

A shame about the weather but the photos have turned out lovely. Beautiful place.

The yellow flower is Yellow Archangel.

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks for your comment and the I.D. Caroline... and what a lovely name for a plant.... :)

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