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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Never take anything for granted - the fire at Clandon Park House

I was alerted to this by a friend of mine Pete (Twitter was very informative), regarding the devasting news of the fire at Clandon Park House... it used to be one of the local NT properties I visited when living in Surrey.  Firstly, and most importantly, no-one was hurt and everyone was safe!!

The BBC website is quite graphic in showing us the devastation that fire can cause.  I've caught myself visiting some NT properties stating.. "I won't visit the house today, I'll go the next time I'm here..... " - I think that's going to change..

The recent Clandon House events illustrate so well... don't put off anything .......  But at least I have some photographic reminders of a great house...

The Military Museum that was housed at Clandon, contained many uniforms but, more distressingly, all the historical records that are irreplaceable have now been lost... all that history.

I hadn't anticipated how much the loss of a great house would affect me but, affect me it has... and I suspects many others will feel the same way.

I just hope the building is structurally safe and that, in time, Clandon House can be resurrected to its former glory.....  I've never been so devastated  - this is such a great tragedy..

There has been much in the news recently to sadden me. - in addition to the foregoing... earthquakes devastating Nepal is not something that is easy to get one's mind around.  It's dreadful and on such a huge scale - the enormous loss of life.

So I'm going to try even harder..... never to take anything for granted.

In closing.... all those involved in the Nepal disaster and those dealing with Clandon House... all deserve medals for stepping up when it is needed..... their bravery and dedication is incredible.. Thank you...........

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