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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Nymans Gardens... magnificent Magolias and wonderful colour

Was busy this a.m. with boring stuff, but by lunchtime I got over to Nymans Gardens.  I was hungry and broke my very new rule which is: not to have scones during the week as my waistline is expanding too much  :D

However, the sun was shining and it was wonderfully warm... more like summer today than April!!

So I had a fruit scone... Nymans scones are always good but today's was excellent 5 stars at least :D

and then a walk around the gardens..

Gunnera starting to sprout after its winter rest time..

I went up to the new view point which is now accessible........

and great views of some of the garden from the top!

A very distant shot of the opposite hill... and magnolias and rhododendrons in flower there too..

A jackdaw strutting its stuff..

Soon the threat of frost will pass and all will be revealed..

Wasn't there for long but a great visit in some wonderful weather... :)
Nymans is iteresting at all times of the year, but Spring is definitely my favourite time...

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