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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Widewater in search of Mergansers in glimpses of sun

I'd put the garden feeders out all newly cleaned a couple of days ago... and birds weren't interested which is unusual... and then the Goldies arrived.  This morning there were about 20 of them in the garden plus a few House Sparrows  The 3rd feeder goes up again tomorrow.

After being horridly grey and sun glimpsed out and the wind has dropped so I decided to go to Widewater Lagoon to see if I could get better shots of the RB Mergansers.. who were absent.. no doubt glad to be out at sea now everything was calmer.

As I got to Shoreham all traffic slowed down as a convoy of Father Christmas clad cyclists started off on a rider... I had to follow them all the way to the Widewater car park... the Santas then went off along the beach path..

Just the one Redshank today..

A couple of Little Egrets... they seemed to be commuting up and down the lagoon.

The family of  9 Swans are still on the lagoon despite their flying up and down the other day.

and the Widewater Kestrel put in an appearance.  Needless to say, the glimmer of sunshine was now totally absent and the atmosphere quite misty..

Female Teal

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