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Monday, 7 January 2008

Back-garden Bird Watching

Most mornings, enjoying my first cuppa of the day, finds me with binocs in hand observing and noting the arrival of the birds in my garden.

From about December the numbers have been noticeably increasing and Finches of one type or another are the main visitors. Goldfinches predominate and two days ago the numbers reached a record high of 36! The average number is circa 20 which is more than any other year. Greenfinches and Chaffinches have also increased in number. Not normally getting Chaffinches in the garden I now have about four regulars and the greenfinches are averaging ten.

Today the second female Blackcap (the first seen on 15 December 2007) put in an appearance and the two male siskins and at least one Blackcap, are now daily visitors since 22 December 2007.

But today? The birds arrived much later and not in their usual order. I was beginning to wonder if the birds had deserted me! I was about to finish watching when, at about 8.40, the higher numbers decided to arrive.

There was a very gusty wind so may be this had something to do with it?

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