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Thursday, 3 January 2008

An Exciting if not cold day!

The things we'll do to see birds.

At 3.45pm today amidst the sleety rain, I was, initially, the only car in the car park on the River Thames near Ham House. Apart from me there were a couple of dog walkers and other than that I had the place to myself.

It was bitterly cold, especially when walking into the wind, dull and dreary and there was I, clad in thermals and waterproofs (looking like the Michelin man), with binoculars glued to my eyes.

Before you ask, dear reader, I have not lost the plot (contrary to popular belief) but was trying to find the missing Parakeet roost. I'd heard on the grapevine that some were roosting either side of the river near Ham House.

However, this was not the case. Only a few could be heard and they were on the other side of the river and out of sight.

Spotted a couple of Cormorants and a Grey Heron flying past no doubt on their way to find a bed for the night and just two Parakeets in a tree in the car park.

The search continues!

The best bit of the day is that I've finally ordered a wide-angle lens for my camera. All I want now is some lovely light days so, on its arrival I can go out and "practice".

Watch this space.......


Pete said...

houses or churches are good for that. somewhere like Hampton Court?

Tricia said...

A distinct possibility. And I hope they still drop their entrance charges for the winter!

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