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Saturday, 19 January 2008

A Walk by the Thames

Although there wasn't really any rain today, it was dull and cloudy and somewhat drizzly.

I joined my daughter, grandson and their Border Collie for their local walk along the River Thames towpath opposite Hampton Court Palace

Given the large quantities of rain recently it was not surprising that the river had risen over the banks on "our" side; thus giving a "beach" effect with the grassy banks leading down gently into the fast-flowing water. Having said that, you could clearly see the "tide marks" where the river had been about two feet further up the slope on the previous day.

Several swans about accompanied by Canada Geese, Coots and Mallards. No Heron's to be seen today and the Kingfisher that can be seen under the road bridge, was not in evidence.

Needless to say I had my camera with me although the available light was not conducive for taking good pictures!

The start of our walk.

Looking towards Hampton Court Palace

In the woods!

A curious youngster....

..... having a "bad hair" day.

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Pete said...

flipping horrid here!!

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