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Thursday, 24 January 2008

What a difference the sun makes!

I met my Grandson from School and we took the dog for a walk along our local stretch of the Thames. The sun was low and shiny and a the sky a beautiful blue. I'd almost forgotten what a day like this was!

The usual Coots, Swans and Canada Geese were present as were the Ring-necked Parakeets. Two Great Crested Grebes were dipping and diving. One was extremely aggressive to the other. I don't know if it was two males being territorial or a pair and Mrs. "had a headache"!

I've posted pictures from this area before but couldn't resist some more with the sun lighting up the beautiful gates on Hampton Court Palace's river side.

These gates, or more accurately panels, were designed and made by Jean Tijou in 1694. The are several feet high and wide and amazingly some of them were stolen a few year's ago. How they managed to remove and transport them is incredible. The "gates" are at the river end of the Privy Garden and the Thames towpath runs along on the outside of the palace grounds. Regrettably as a security measure they now have railings around them. Whilst they have been replaced, the gold is a bit too "bright and shiny" and somehow detracts from their intricate design.

The Tijou panels encased in iron railings!

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