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Friday, 18 January 2008

Photographic Competition

Every year I receive an e-mail inviting me to take part in the Natuaral History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, which is open to professionals and amateurs alike.

And every year I think - well, I might give it a go!
And every year I think - I don't stand a chance.
And every year I think - I could easily spend £10,000 which is the main prize.

The pictures are utterly amazing - just look at the winners, runners-up etc for 2007.

But, the closing date is not until 31 March 2008 so I'm still thinking.....

And to all you budding photographers out there, just get snapping!


Eagleseagles said...

You cant win it if you aren't in it!

My photographer friend and I want to go to the exhibition, but I expect it wont be until March!
Have you been?


Tricia said...

I went to one about 3 year's ago but haven't been to the current exhibition. Pretty impressive work!

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