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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Good first day of the year for birds!

We're off on the starting blocks for a new year.

This morning, as yesterday, before you could really see anything in the garden, a Song Thrush was singing its heart out. I don't often get these visiting so was delighted to hear it. And later on I heard a Mistle Thrush and was able to track it down to the top of one of the very high Oak Trees.

During the day I had 18 different species visiting the garden so I'm very pleased about that.

One of my "good intentions" to kick start the new year is to go for a walk every day unless other commitments prevent. I was going to Richmond Park but as I was not free until about 1.30 I decided to go to Bushey Park.

I've never seen so many cars in the car park. It was so frustrating to spend so much time trying to find a place as, on the way in, a Cormorant sat drying it's spreading wings on the statue of Diana (which is a fountain). To all the world it looked as though it was claiming Bushey Park in its entirety as its kingdom! This was a great photo opportunity - but one, sadly, I missed!

Apart from exercise, I wanted to take pics purely on the manual settings. It was very grey and dull though so perhpas not the best time for this activity. This was my second attempt and I felt there was some slight improvement. You can judge for yourself below. And.. I saw a good variety of birds including a Grey Heron. Nothing unusual there I hear you say, but it was sitting up in the middle of an Oak Tree. Somehow that sight played with the senses!

A good walk for a couple of hours and I reached the car just as the rain started!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You want to see Herons up trees come to Osterly!
Mandarin Ducks too. They do look funny!

Like the Yaffle now he looks like he should be on a tree and yet we usually see them on the ground!

I had a good walk yesterday too...Bedfont Lakes CP and saw the Bittern!


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