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Thursday, 14 August 2008

A day out in London

I've just had my son, his step-son (my step-grandson) and my grandson staying with me for a couple of days. This was mainly to let the two 11 year olds have some time together and for us all to visit London.

It's ironic really - in terms of the weather it was probably the best day of the week; mainly sunny, a few clouds and the only rain was whilst we were on the Underground London Tube system!! and we chose to spend it in London!

Plan A was to visit the
London Eye and the London Dungeons .

Plan B - son woke up feeling very unwell; so we left much later than expected and only managed a visit to the London Eye. Although we did travel on London's Underground trains to London Bridge to see the London Dungeons, the queue for tickets stretched so far we decided it was best left for another day.

So - some pics from around and from the London Eye. Unfortunately those taken from the "capsule" of the eye leave a little to be desired as I was photographing through the capsule, which has tinted windows thereby reducing the light, and having to use manual focus to "get through" the double windows. However,

the approach to the London Eye

Various shots from "underneath"

A view of the (new) Jubilee Bridges

A "capsule" in which we travelled..

If you look really hard you should see the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

Coming in "to land" - because British Airways are the main sponsor of the London Eye, each half-hour "journey" is known as a "flight" and the relevant flying terminology is applied!

"The Lads"


Marit - "Som Mine Dager Er" said...

Hi Tricia

I have been outside of the London Eye several times, but never inside. These are very nice pictures which makes me wanna go back :-)


Steve said...

I've been on the London Eye - I hate heights and refused to look up as we approached and even sat down as soon as we got on, until it felt safe. Then it was great. Amazing "flight" and very familiar photos - though it was cloudy and drizzly when we went so the long distance views weren't so good.

Tricia said...

Mart - hope you can visit one day again.

Steve - yes it's a great experience. Pity about your weather though.

Next - to have a flight at night to see the lights of London.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Tricia
These are the best day-time pictures of the London Eye I ever seen.. excellent.. I called back today hoping you had shown more after the cracking shot you posted for Sky Watch.

Tricia said...

Tom - blush - thank you so much!

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