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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Denman's Gardens - an impromptu visit

Today I spent the day down with Mum; it is six years ago that Dad died.

Albeit the clouds were ever present today we decided a trip out was called for. Not too far away from Mum is Denman's Gardens This is the garden of John Brookes who, in turn, is a garden designer and has his home and offices at Denman's.

The garden is not large by National Trust et al standards and that in itself lends to its attraction. It's better to think of this as a very large back garden. If you're interested in plants and trees then you will discover a very wide variety growing here; one of my favourites being the Japanese Acer.

It's a gentle stroll around the garden; the plant sales area is very well presented with lots of statutory - some beautiful birds which I would love in my garden. It's more like walking round a tightly packed garden then being in a sales area. And, so importantly, the cafe is excellent for food and service - and the resident robin.

I shall stop here to let you wander around with me:

In the conservatory

Our lunch time companion


mick said...

Beautiful photos again. Thanks for sharing them!

Tricia said...

Thanks Mick - thanks for visiting again :)

Steve Gale said...

Thanks for that photographic walk - I really do feel rested!

oldcrow61 said...

Enjoyed the walk around the garden. Lovely!

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