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Monday, 18 August 2008

A "Plan B" day

I'd planned to meet Hugh at LWC today but for various reasons this didn't happen. However, my daughter, grandson, the dog and I went walking in Richmond Park.

It seemed as though Green Woodpeckers were following us. Not only did we hear them on several occasions, but also saw three in different locations.

The usual suspects on Penn Ponds, including a Mute Swan family with one cygnet. Last time I saw them, there were three - hey ho. Many coots, including three very young ones and one mallard chick also.

There were another family of three chicks "Oh look" exclaimed my daughter, "Little Grebe chicks"!! Err, no. My grandson immediately piped up - "No they're not, they're Tufted Ducks". He was correct too!! I believe my daughter was suitably embarrassed, but I? Delighted that an 11-year old boy was so swift to identify the young so accurately. :D

It would have been lovely to see Little Grebes however; but I still remember the Little Grebes with their chicks I saw at the London Wetland Centre not many weeks ago.


Island Rambles Blog said...

I am always impressed when a youngster knows the names of the birds...I think it is a skill I wish I had learned at an earlier age...cheers.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Sound a neat place to visit..
You asked about my new lens... it is a TC-DC58B Canons Tele Converter... not Tele Photo as I stated in my post.. it certainly worked OK

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