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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Messing about by the river

Yesterday my daughter and I walked along the River Thames from Hampton Court to Kingston-upon-Thames. This was a walk of about 4 miles. We did the bits of shopping we needed, had some lunch and then caught the bus back in the afternoon.

It was good to have a nice "girlie" day. When I got home, I immediately went out again as a particular car dealer had left a message advising that the car I wanted to test drive again, was in their showroom.

I've made a decision to buy a new car to replace my very elderly car which won't last very much longer. So better to be able to make an informed decision as to which car it's to be than have to purchase one in a hurry when my current one gives up!

This morning, I placed the order..... watch this space!! I couldn't have the bulk standard colour that I wanted (choice of red or black so I'd opted for red) as there's none left! So, had to purchase extra paint (rolls eyes heavenwards) and now my car is to be Blue. I'm sooo excited.....

So having spent a bit of time on the phone this morning, I headed off to Richmond Park after an early lunch. I suppose by now I should know better; Richmond Park's car parks were completely full; go early morning or not at all (on a sunny Sunday) - hey ho. So off I went to Ham House (just down the road) and managed to find a space there.

Had a quick walk around the grounds whilst the sky got darker and darker. However, after a short shower, the sun shone and I headed off along the tow path to Richmond upon Thames.

It was a great walk and on arriving in Richmond I awarded myself an ice cream before walking the mile back again. I was rather pleased to be sitting down in the car after all that exercise!!

Anyway, here are some pics. Today I used the Nikon D70 (courtesy of Hugh) and the Nikon 18-55 lens (courtesy of Pete)

Lavender beds with very formal planting in the gardens of
Ham House

The Terrace Gardens of Richmond - these look very newly landscaped and I have not seen these gardens before today.

The gardens live up to the "terrace" and rise quite steeply to the top of Richmond Hill

You might be forgiven for mistaking this for a jungle dwelling. It is, in fact, a small cafe in the Terrace Gardens - selling Fairtrade products.

Having climbed up through the gardens to the top, you arrive on Richmond Hill.
This is probably one of the most photographed views of the curve in the River Thames as seen from the top of Richmond Hill. Whilst taking this picture, two Kestrels were hovering over the field. Whilst I grabbed a couple of shots with my own camera and big lens, they weren't worth keeping!

Back down at river level now, looking downstream towards Richmond Bridge

and the other side of the bridge looking upstream towards Ham

The building on the right is the Star & Garter building.

Richmond undertook a great deal of modernisation of it's river front some few years ago. Herewith the result.

At ground level, the "most photographed" curve of the Thames

View of the the south facing side of Marble Hill House
across to the Twickenham side of the river.


mick said...

Lovely photos and thanks for the descriptions which make it so interesting. But so-o-o many people! All so very different from where I live. I am really enjoying your blog.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful selection of photographs.....I love the river shots....

I must say I am not a lover of formal gardens, but I can appreciate the amount of time and care involved keeping a space up to the standard in your photographs.....I would rather have seen the lavender covered in lavender blooms, with bees as a bonus......each to their own....

Tricia said...

Mick - thanks for coming by again. I'm so pleased you're enjoying my blog. And yes - far to many people at times - I prefer fewer!!

Cheryl - I agree about the formal gardens - give me a wildflower meadow any day!. Far to regimented and not a bee or insect in sight. But the weather might have had something to do with that.

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