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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday - after the rain

A sequence of events
  • It stopped raining
  • The sun came out (eventually)
  • The clouds parted
  • The humidity was very high
  • I went to Bushey Park
  • I took some pictures
  • I had a long walk through one Woodland Garden into the second
  • I met a very nice **young couple - he with a Canon and 500mm lens plus, she with the binoculars - both sighted on a Kingfisher!! Which I saw!! Apparently it's often there so I shall be visiting with different eyes from now on.
  • We talked for a while
  • We didn't notice the very black clouds
  • We did notice the few spots of rain that began to fall
  • The rain got heavier
  • I zipped up my waterproof jacket over my camera
  • I pulled the hood up and battened down the hatches
  • The rain came down in torrents
  • The lightening flashed
  • The thunder roared
  • I was about 1 mile from my car
  • My jeans - soaking wet and clinging to my legs
  • My waterproof shoes - now wet from the rain water running down the jeans
  • Lightening plus metal camera lens - not good
  • Finally - reached the car
Eating autumn fruits

Cooling down

Sibling mutual grooming

Awww - little birds on their nests - agree

Male Mandarin regaining his glorious colours

** If either of my acquaintances of the afternoon pops in here, thank you both very much for allowing me to join your sighting of the Kingfisher and the view through your binoculars :)


Boulmer Birder said...

Thanks for the comments on BB tricia. I've been looking at some previous posts of yours, you have some nice parkland down there and some even nicer butterflies...

Cheryl said...

So funny Tricia....sorry you got wet but I have a smile from ear to ear.....

Love the photographs.....really lovely captures.....

oldcrow61 said...

Despite the weather you got some beautiful pictures there.

avalon said...

great post tricia made me laugh, love the little squirrel, hope the sun shines for you fat chance eh?

Anonymous said...

A beautiful post, indeed. Your photos are really nice.

Tricia said...

BB - thanks - I'm pleased to see Butterflies at any time - especially as they seem to be on the decline.

OC - thanks

Cheryl and Avalon - glad I bought a smile to you both :)

Abraham - thanks for the comments and stopping by.

To you all: after the event - it does seem rather comical :D

Steve said...

Nice post Tricia. I have never been to Bushy Park...looks like a good place to go (if the weather is good!) steve

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