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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Fatherhood possible after a 36 year wait!!

I was interested to read this story concerning Lonesome George - a giant tortoise.

Lonesome George, who is the last survivor of the Pinta Island giant tortoise species, looks set to become a Dad after a 36 year wait. He shares a pen with two female Wolf Volcano tortoises and one of them has now laid eggs.

You can read the whole account here

It is sad that, although it's likely he's about to father a new generation, his progeny will be of a mixed breed.


Anna Simpson said...

I see exactly what you mean here Tricia, it is wonderful that George is going to be a dad as he is the only tortoise left of the Pinta Island Giant species. It is very sad though that the young will be a mixed breed.

Pete said...

the pochard is not a pochard. well its not our pochard :D

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