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Friday, 1 August 2008

If at first you don't succeed - wait till the rain stops!

Mostly domestic morning (you know, the "H" word and washing - boring!) and so put plan A into operation: started out to get petrol and take the dog for a walk. So - Plan B - get Petrol and return home until rain stops!! Which it did, so we ended up at destination B which was Bushey Park.

All the usual culprits about; young Mallards getting bigger and many many Egyptian Geese - they are beginning to compete with Canada Geese and Coots in terms of numbers now. The lone Greylag Goose was evident today and enjoyed a preening session accompanied by a Coot.

One of the usual Cormorants was flying about and the young Egyptian Goslings were swimming and others flying in the face of the strong wind! Around the Diana Pond were about six Pied Wagtails - they seem to enjoy this spot.

At the very real risk of boring all my readers, here are some familiar shots..
Greylag Goose

Preening Greylag and Coot

Originally thought Pochard - but apparently not. Any ideas anyone????

Cormorant taking off.....................

Growing Goslings

Landing - unfortunately this Goose had something wrong with it's left leg and couldn't walk properly.

Coming in to land

We have touch down!

One of the many Pied Wagtails

and, I assuming, a juvenile.


Cheryl said...

An absolute pleasure to peruse.....I love the landing..good shot...

Tricia said...

Thanks Cheryl! :)

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