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Sunday, 24 August 2008

To Barnes and...... beyond!

Well, there was I, early(ish) this morning, gazing out of the window watching the drizzle and trying to make up my mind whether it was going stop. I'd planned to go to Barnes (the London Wetland Centre) to see if there was anything about; I really didn't want to stay in!. Then I got a text from Pete to say he was there (I'd mentioned I'd be going) and, when I finally arrived a bit later than planned (blush), there he was. Quelle Surprise!

As expected there was not much about apart from the usual. What was great though was another surprise appearance - this time a Water Vole - hurrah!! It was nipping in and out from the reeds and feeding under the picnic table - no doubt enjoying the crumbs from someone's recent meal
Balletic Grey Heron - exercising at the Barre?

Amazing - such a young Mallard duckling near the end of August!!

and THE Water Vole!!

Duckweed Soup anyone?

We espied a Cormorant - he was not for hanging around though

After getting a tad damp at Barnes, I kept Pete company on a visit to Dorney Court and Church. Dorney Court is still occupied by Palmers who have had ownership for several generations. A lovely Tudor (in the main) building and one you could imagine living in - as the current family do. There was one bedroom that I might not be so keen on to sleep in however - human bones had been discovered in the room and it's reputed to be haunted - think I'll pass on that one, thank you very much!

It's a lovely house set in informal gardens which consisted mostly of herbaceous borders giving a gentle softness to the immaculate green lawns (in my garden, the green stuff is called "grass")

The grounds and outside of the house...

Lots of grasses added to the soft look of the gardens

In this shot you can see the church peeping above the more modern building (in the centre)

I liked this statue for the look on the mother's face..

and the inside of the Church. The stained glass windows had some pretty impressive colours.

For more pictures - you might like to pop over to Pete's blog

I like impromptu days like this :D


Pete said...

and the food was less poncey at the Dorney garden centre!!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful day out again thank you....the heron looks as though he is a performer in a ballet.....

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