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Monday, 6 October 2008

Another good Monday - Bushey Park and Birds

I'm having to split today's outing into two parts - this is Part 1. Part 2 will be Richmond Park and very active Red deer.

Today I'd arranged to meet Hugh who has been wanting to photograph Deer with antlers and deer during the rut. As a result I offered to play "guide" for my local Bushey Park - and, of course, I've seen several there in the last few days, so....... I knew where they would be. Why is it when they've been highly visible for the past few days that they elect to disappear without trace when you really want them to be there.

We did spot a few, and this young man was sporting his courting hat:

Ah yes - a Ring-necked Parakeet. Well, it makes a change from seeing them on my feeders in the garden!

I wouldn't normally photograph Feral Pigeons - but these, although they looked as though they were swimming, were actually having a bathe

This young Jackdaw looked freshly scrubbed

In the pond by the entrance to the park, this Mute Swan was also having its bath

and a Cormorant had an excellent vantage point - from Diana's head!

We were then treated to a fly past of Canada Geese
(and this time, against a blue sky)

Eventually they settled down and proceeded bathe as well.


avalon said...

the swans are so brilliant, the one looks like it is almost walking on water

Pete said...

some excellent photos there Trish nice to see you heeded my advice :D

no really lurve the swans

Border Reiver said...

Nice shots of the Jackdaw Trish, glorious birds in my mind, much overlooked and ignored. But then I do like crows generally so a bit biast

Tricia said...

Avalon - thanks; it did rather pose for us.

Pete - thanks; what advice? ;)

Border - thanks too. There a huge numbers of them in the Park but this one came and almost asked to have it's picture taken.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Trish. Love the Jackdaw - they are such amusing birds, I think.

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful pictures Tricia. That "young man" is gorgeous. I love the second jackdaw picture. The look on his face is wonderful.

Tricia said...

Digi - thanks; they seem to be present in the parks in huge numbers. In this case, I believe they benefit from children feeding the "ducks".

OC - thanks. The jackdaw was rather intimidating with his "glare" LOL

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