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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Strong winds and some interesting birds!

At 5.00 a.m the alarm sounded. It was the clock alarm and it signified that I was off to Norfolk with Pete. I had bravely volunteered to do the driving and off we went in the pitch dark! Pete was a very well behaved passenger (in the main) and his foot didn't go for the brake once!!

Dawn broke over the horizon and we arrived in Hunstanton at about 7.30 where we met Diane and Keith for a full English breakfast.

Whilst the weather was OK to begin with, the winds got up (as forecast) and sometimes it was difficult to stay standing up!!

After leaving RSPB Titchwell we then headed off for Thornham where I had a first - a Grey Plover.

Just a few pictures and in the main they are of poor quality - light was dreadful and sometime holding the camera still in the wind was a problem.

Saw (for me) an impressive list of birds of which were:
Masses of Brent Geese (and many flying skeins), a Skylark hovering and singing away, Little Egrets, Sanderlings, Kestrel, Reed bunting, Common Gulls, a Water Rail, Dunlins, Oystercatchers and, out at sea, a Slovonian gull.

The sea and winds had created their own sculpures over the times and I like the results

Tide was out, but the boats brought some colour...

So, Day 1 was great even though the rain started in the afternoon. We have a plan B, in case of very wet weather.

Watch this space..........


mick said...

An impressive list of birds indeed. Wish I could see some of them too.

oldcrow61 said...

Looks like you had a great day. Enjoyed the pictures. Aren't those sculptures wonderful.

Tricia said...

Mick - it was great!

OC - they really were amazing!

Yoke said...

Love the pictures, Tricia.

that kind of light is one of my favourite times to go bird hunting. The birds here, like the Gulls, Swans and Little Egrets stand out against the greys in their own special way.
Or perhaps I just like the gloomy landscape? preferably a little mist on the hills too.

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