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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Last full day in Norfolk

Sadly, this has been our last full day in Norfolk as tomorrow we head home. The forecast was for it to be cold today - and it wasn't wrong! The car was cosy but when stepping outside - brrrr. In view of this we decided to head off for Norwich and look at Norwich Cathedral,

Sir Peter Mancroft Church

and the Roman Catholic Cathedral, John the Baptist

Following our morning of churches and cathedrals we visited the local Tesco's and moved on to Salthouse where we ate our sandwiches! Turnstones were wheeling about and landed at various points on the shingle. Not much else about and the wind was cold - to say the least!

And our final destination for the day was Holkham. We'd heard that there was a Short-eared Owl and - lo! and behold!, not one, not two, but three were quartering the field. It was a spell-binding moment just to watch this wonderful bird; particularly as this was a Lifer for me - whey hey! No pictures of mine of the owl regrettably

A male stonechat being kept company by a robin

Female stonechat

And tomorrow? we'll have to wait and see what the weather permits us to visit on the way home!


Goosey said...

Lovely, we have just had a holiday in Norfolk and loved it. Your blog is a lovely reminder. Have a safe journey home.

Island Rambles Blog said...

These are amazing photos Tricia and I have something for you at my site today. cheers.

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