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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Wet and Windy

Some how today, it feels as though we've skipped Autumn and gone straight to winter.

Awoke to some sun, but as the morning progressed all changed. Rain and very strong blustery winds.

Had a fairly domestic morning, gave my daughter a lift to collect her car (yes - it passed it's MOT - it's a 1972 Mini) and then went into Bushey Park just after lunch (no pictures). The Red Deer stags were roaring but couldn't see "Henry" - so he must be elsewhere in the park.

Nothing much to get excited about in the way of bird life either, on or out of the water. So this afternoon I had some quality reading time and watched the birds in the garden.

This is what I saw today and mostly all at the same time - with one obvious exception of course.

1 x Jay (this morning)
12 x Ring-necked Parakeets (this morning)
11 x Feral Pigeons (this morning)
and this afternoon...
1 x Woodpigeon
5 x Goldfinches
3 x Blue Tits
3 x Great Tits
1 x Coal Tit
1 x Long-tailed Tit
3 x Greenfinches (down in numbers still)
1 x Nuthatch (hoorah - its still about)
1 x magnificent female Sparrowhawk

and the pièce de résistance?

at last - a male House Sparrow - long time since one visited the garden - hope he'll be back and bring his friends.

Also had the squirrel who discovered the sunflower seeds at the bottom of the garden - well, in the rain they'd got a bit soggy, so I was glad s/he ate them up!!


Steve said...

I'll trade half my 40+ starlings and 20+ house sparrows for half your blue/great/coal/long tailed tits (so 4 in all) and 2 greenfinches.

Pete said...

well done on the spadger

Tricia said...

Steve - I'll pass on the Starlings - they were around but not in my garden. Happy to have the sparras!

And... I'm not halving my one and only LTT and Coal Tit for anyone - even for you LOL.

Tricia said...

Pete - was chuffed to see it.

Liz said...

It's been horrible recently, and I have to agree that suddenly it's turned into winter... Very strange since Winter hasn't come at least until christmas eve for the last few years!

Glad to hear about the Sparras, I'll send some down - you're welcome to them, they're costing me a fair penny or two.

Carin Fuchs said...

The bird activity aver here has a bit increased and the blackbirds are gaining in numbers every day.

The squirrels in my garden don't bother with the sunflower hearts and go straight up the walnut tree and make a serious attempt to clear it of ALL nuts! LOL LOL LOL LOL They are nearly done! I wonder if they'll start on the hazelnuts when the walnuts are finished? LOL LOL

Jane said...

Great list of birds. Mine are just starting to come back into the garden after being absent for a month (while molting I guess). 2 Jays hopping around in the rain this morning... wish I'd had the camera ready! Jane

Cheryl said...

You are right Tricia it does feel like winter...we had a frost Friday night (photo on blog)......summer seemed more like spring....the seasons are as confused as I am sometimes.....

We had a squirrel hiding nuts this morning.....then he sat in my garden seat and ate one......

Tricia said...

Liz - happy to have some sparras!! but sunflower hearts are the price of gold at present!!

Carin - mine Squirrels seem to be temporarily distracted with Acorns.

Jane - great to see the Jays :)

Cheryl - I'm sure the time of October is far too early for frosts! Brrrr.

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