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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Another W & W day

"Woke up this morning feeling fine,
There's something special on my mind..........."
(tra la!!)

But the weather wasn't - fine that is. It was wet and windy - AGAIN! So drove some distance to visit Mum - think the windscreen wipers are now worn out. Mum need some winter clothes so we headed off for an out of town shop. Nothing there that took her fancy, so having bought some meals for her, we headed back.

Later on, the rain actually stopped and I headed back home.

Now how's that for a really exciting day?

Tomorrow - well that should be more promising.......


digibirder said...

It was a bit mixed yesterday, but nothing as bad as was forecast, and today has been quite nice - we've actually seen lots of blue sky, although I have to say it's been pretty cold.

I've had a lazy weekend - no choice really, as my back went yesterday!

Liz said...

Not too bad there, started off terrible. Then around 11am got sunny and lovely.

It was very hot in our south-facing kitchen although chilly and windy outside (ok in the sun though when the wind wasn't blowing) so I've had a nice session with the macro lens out taking Autumnal berry shots.

Eagleseagles said...

Bet your Mum was just pleased to see you!

Did you watch Big Cats Live?


Tricia said...

Glad to hear the sun made an appearance somewhere Digi and Liz.

C - yes she was glad - and the driving in West Sussex is always good for scenery. No didn't watch Big Cats.

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