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Sunday, 12 October 2008

October - It's summer!

As a nation we can be observed to be obsessive about our weather and climate; this being because it's versatile, changeable and downright unpredictable - well the latter, to the uneducated weather-wise it is!

So we may be forgiven for assuming that nature's clock is a tad out of phase and that, given today is 12 October, we should be clothed in garments of a warming capability and not, as worn today, thin clothing and bare arms down on the beach!

This morning the mist clothed all growing (and static) beings in droplets of water and rendered gazing into the distance (as in "It's 6.14 a.m. and I've just woken up; can't open my eyes fully" phenomenon) entirely impossible.

So a while later with eyes now functioning adequately I drove through the shrouds of the all enclosing mist down south to my mother's for the day. Within a couple of miles of her village, the veils lifted to reveal Lady Sun in all her glory lighting the final few miles.

Having arrived in brilliant sunshine, we fuelled ourselves with coffee and headed off for some grocery shopping on our way out.

We lunched on sandwiches, apples juice and the most wicked apple pie and cream in the cafe at Marine Gardens in Worthing and then after all that excessive activity, we sat on the beach (or rather on seating provided to view the beach!).

Now, as one would assume quite correctly, the south coast faces the sun. But the sparkling of the sea was too good an opportunity to miss - photographically. There was no wind so no wind surfers to capture on this occasion, but a dinghy race was in progress and one lone jet-skier skimmed across the surface.

Having enjoyed the wonderful sunshine we headed west and eventually came through one of my favourite valleys and a road (Long Furlong) on our way back home.

Today I discovered another gap in my photography know-how - how do you take pics directly into the sun and get good results? When I know, the following pics will be much improved on - I hope.

Dinghy racing in progress

A few gulls - gliding...

Sparkling water as the tide recedes

A jet skier in an open sea

A breakwater (or groin) who's gentle curves lead the eye into the briny!

A welcome shelter in the winter and today providing shade from the sun!

This is one of my favourite roads in West Sussex - as the views are spectacular. This is Long Furlong. It's a road that follows the gentle curves of the hillside and valley. The colours of the landscape constantly change - almost weekly - as this is principally farming and cattle land. We were travelling to the A24 but the view is greatest in the opposite direction (provided the light is right of course!)

This sequence takes the eye from right to left

and finally, a trip around Mum's garden


mick said...

Beautiful photos again. I especially like the landscape sequence. re the photos of the ocean - have you tried a polarizing filter? I have had some success with one on very bright days when I am trying to photograph the sea.

Liz said...

To be fair the weather has been crazy at this time of year for the last three now.

I remember a few years ago on my friend's birthday it was sweating hot, at least 25 and his birthday is 27th October!

Lovely photo's, it looks like you had a wonderful time, it has been a fantastic day today!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful landscape....I can see why you like it so much, the colours are so soft.....

Mums garden is a credit to her....very pretty.....

Eagleseagles said...

Impressive garden at Mum's - who keeps that Lawn?

Plenty of shelter for birds I see.

Love the countryside in Sussex...

Those stags are a bit impressive!


Carin Fuchs said...

Can I 'book' your mum for my garden? LOL

I like the seaside pictures very much.

Tricia said...

Mick - thanks and ta for the polarizing filter idea; have the check the size of the one I've got.

Liz - yes had a good time and Mum enjoyed being out and about too.

Cheryl - it's a place that makes you feel you've "come home"; although I've never lived there.

C - Mum has a gardener as she cannot do gardening anymore.

Stags are at their best at the mo!

Tricia said...

Carin - it really was a day to be beside the sea!

Mum would, I'm sure, be delighted to plan your garden - but you would need to supply the labour though :)

Yoke said...

You had a good day out and Sunny (DRY weather-what is that?) to boot.

Your mum's house and garden look great; I can see she needs help with that.

No wonder you like calling in to her.

Good for mum to see the beach and have a nice drive.

oldcrow61 said...

Lovely pictures. You mum has a beautiful garden.

Tricia said...

Thanks OC - Mum loves her garden but just gets so frustrated she can't do the gardening herself any more :(

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