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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Local colour and some Red Deer

I don't know where the time goes. Not much opportunity for pictures this week, but managed a very few today.

The Autumn colour locally is really becoming quite vibrant so I decided to take some pics on my way out.

This is looking down my road

and these trees (I don't know what they are) are a row of four just around the corner.

I then had a quick trip into Bushey Park. The Red Deer were quiet today (but not the best time of day to see action). Birds were only the usual and again, not much happening.

But I met a very nice lady (Rosie) and we had a wander about looking for deer; both of us sporting Canon cameras.

Some obliging deer were offering a perch and food to a couple of jackdaws.

Whilst this stag gazed at us imperiously.

And that's it folks - think this is my shortest post!!


Goosey said...

That stag photo is lovely, and the autumn colours are looking good too. I've been away but it's nice to catch up with whats been happening in peoples gardens and areas via the blog, BW Goosey

Jane said...

Amazing Deer photos. Loved the one with birds on it's back. They are so docile when it comes to the birds! Your trees seem to have changed colour before ours. Most of ours are still quite green... nowhere near these lovely colours. Jane

oldcrow61 said...

The autumn colours look beautiful down your road. I just love the deer pictures. The stags are so handsome. I like the jackdaws on the deer as well. Aw heck, I love them all, lol. Great pictures.

Tricia said...

Goosey, Jane and OC - thanks for all your comments.

Goosey - hope you had a good time :) and nice to have you back.

Jane - that's interesting; as I'm not that much further north (Surrey) than you are.

OC - I have seen a picture of a Jackdaw (in the Spring) flying off with a beakfull of hairs from a deer - no doubt it makes wonderful nesting material. LOL

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