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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Birthdays and Births

On Friday I went down to Mum's to continue preparations for her 90th Birthday party.
Happy Birthday Mum
This amazing cake (and decoration) was made by a lady who lives in the same Sussex village as Mum. The floral decoration is made entirely from sugar - with the exception of the tallest "twig" - and the sponge cake was yummy!

The weather was amazing and the sun so warm that it allowed us to drink a toast and congratulate her out in the garden!!

Mum enjoyed her weekend which was full of surprises; the main one being the arrival, from Australia, of a family member whom she hadn't seen for about 37 years! My brother and I did give her a day's warning before we arrived on her doorstep - a 90-year-old going on 9 years I reckon, so great was the excitement!!

Today I came home and needed to stretch my legs. So off I trotted for a quick saunter around Bushey Park.

And I was well rewarded. I was reminded that on 1 March last year, Pete and I came across some Egyptian Goslings which were the first I'd seen in 2008. And today, 22 February I saw the first young birds for 2009

Egyptian Geese Goslings - just two of them - in the Woodland Gardens

Mrs. Mallard was having a late afternoon preen

as was Mr. Mallard

whilst this Canada Goose had a drink!

The black-headed gulls (now showing evidence of gaining summer plumage) were resting in the trees

and a Mute Swan in the Woodland Gardens was preening

as a Tufty (Tufted Duck) swam past.

Whilst I was wondering whether the Ring-necked Parakeets were eyeing this tree trunk hole as a potential nesting site, a Grey Squirrel appeared; I think the Paras will have to look elsewhere for a potential home!

And in the Woodland Gardens, this poser presented himself for pictures

This Red Deer Hind was having a very tasty snack - she shouldn't have been there as this is a fenced off area so how she got in......

Out in the main park again, this Fallow Deer Buck advanced towards me as I was taking his picture. As I wasn't quite sure whether this was a grimace or grin, I decided it was time to go!

But one of the other Bucks in the group looked much friendlier; if not definitely posing for the awwww factor!

On the way back to the car, a Kestrel (record shot only!!) was chased by a Black-headed Gull!

It was good to be stretching my legs in fresh air again. A wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,

The cake looks great as does the floral tribute. The Goslings are lovely little things. That was another good walk.
(Happy birthday Tricia's Mum.)

mick said...

That's such a beautiful cake! Congratulations to your Mum. The photos of the goslings are so cute :-)

swatson said...

such cuties those goslings and I love that poser of a squirrel.As for your mum well done and a happy birthday,can nearly taste that cake.

Phil and Mandy said...

Some more nice photographs Tricia,and a happy birthday to your mother from us.

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday Mum 90 years young ....what a wonderful thing...

The cake looks beautiful...too good to eat......

There are some beautiful photographs amongst your collection.....I love the little goslings, and the kestral......but the buck is stunning.......tku for sharing your lovely artwork.....

Anonymous said...

Those goslings are very cute indeed! The cake was every bit as yummy as it looked and it was a great day! and mrs mallard...!
Love you loads

Mel said...

Hola Tricia,

First of all, a VERY happy birthday to your mom!!
Your pics are awesome as usual :)


Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks to you all for Mum's birthday wishes.

Roy, Mick - they are cute when they're little - but the lose it somewhat as they grow up!

Sheila - it really did pose and got too near the camera for it to focus at one point!

Phil & Mandy - thank you.

Cheryl - thanks. The Buck was rather a handsome beast!

SPD - Glad you had a good time. Luv you too :D

Hola Mel - thanks for your kind comment!

avalon said...

Many happy retuns to your mum so pleased it all went well what a surprise for her to see someone after such a long time. The little gosling how cute was that!!!

Eagleseagles said...

Well your Mum must have had a great w/e!

Let her know we are all wishing her a healthy 90th year!

That cake looks superb!


PS I must put a link on my blog - thought there was one - where did it go?

Anonymous said...

Well 1st of all a belated Happy Birthday to your mum from me. That cake WOW. Hope she enjoyed her weekend.
Those Goslings soooo cute. As usual Tricia, your photos are superb, and i do like your TreeGulls, coming into summer plumage, i am impressed.


oldcrow61 said...

That's one beautiful cake. Those goslings are gorgeous. All wonderful pictures.

Tricia Ryder said...

Avalon - thanks, it went very well and she really enjoyed it.

C- I will pass on the message

Paul - thanks - there were about 30 "tree" gulls all in the same tree. Don't know if it was the time of day!!

Anonymous said...

Love the expression of that Buck!


Tricia Ryder said...

Great isn't it Paul! I'm inclined to think it was friendly but not with any degree of certainty!!

Goosey said...

Lovely pictures as always Tricia, and that cake is amazing!

Tricia Ryder said...

Thank you Goosey and yes - a work of art in my book; a talented cake-maker indeed!

Linda Yarrow said...

Lovely cake Tricia, those flowers are really good. The goslings are cute but when were the eggs laid? because it not so long ago we had snow!

Tricia Ryder said...

Hi OC and Lynmiranda: I do love those little goslings.

I don't know when the eggs were laid. I believe it takes about 4 weeks for them to hatch and would guess the goslings were about 1 week old - so that takes us back 5 weeks to the end of January. Given that we had the worst of the snowfall on 2 February then the eggs could have been hatched around that time.

Although the foregoing is mostly a guesstimate - well done them!

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