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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cold and wind brings the birds

I've been birdwatching today - from my windows. It's freezing out there. I've got my Grandson visiting this p.m. and the suggestion of a walk was not greeted with rapt enthusiasm. Can't say I blame him!

The cold snap has brought in the usual suspects but I've not seen a brambling for two days now. The blue tit with the irregular beak is still a regular and constant visitor. I've noticed how it turns its over-long beak to one side to get at food on the ground. If it can perch on the side of the mesh tray, then it can get food conventionally as the depth to where the foods is will accommodate its beak length.

Today's visitors:
Magpies x 2
Blackcaps x 2 (1 x male; 1 x female)
Song Thrush x 1 (infrequent visitor)
Goldfinches x 17
Chaffinches - 2 x male, 3 x female
Greenfinches x 9
Robins x 2
Ring-necked Parakeets x 7
Jay x 2
Blue Tits x 3
Wood Pigeons x 4 (doesn't happen that often)
Feral Pigeons grrrrrrrr 20+ (happens all too frequently)
Starlings x 3
Blackbirds x 3
Coal Tit x 1
Great Tit x 1

Greenfinch (male)

Blue Tit

Female Chaffinch

Blue Tit - with fluffed-up feathers trying to keep warm.

And as I finish this, we've just had a flurry of snow - but now there's no evidence of it. Methinks we'll wake to a white world in the morning.


I've just taken my grandson home and as I was driving back, it started to snow. Now - about 30 minutes later (it's 19.15) - everything is white!! So footprints in the garden by morning will, hopefully, identify my overnight visitors.


mick said...

Great photos of the little Blue Tit all puffed up to keep warm! Its interesting to read of your cold and snow but I'm rather glad I don't live in it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia. We`re expecting 5>10cm overnight, and then 30cm by the end of tomorrow. Should get some snowy pics, if nothing else.

The Early Birder said...

Thats a nice list for a cold day. You'll need to wrap up if you go out 2morrow!

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

A cracking bird list for a garden Tricia - but why the Grrrr for the pigeons, think of them as Rock Doves and you'll make them feel loved :-) Keep the snow there please, us yokels in the West Country can't drive in snow... as someone who used to bash his car through snowdrifts to get the the pub in younger days u'pt north driving on snow never bothers me, but it scares me how drivers around here behave in snow.

Neil said...

Great list and they look cold as well.

Little Brown Job said...

Beautiful Blue Tit shots :-) Loads of snow here overnight and still going on and off, just wish I wasn't at work!


Tricia said...

Mick - thanks. I'd rather enjoy a little of the heat you're having at the moment!

Dean - yep it's going to be a lot of snow!

Frank - not a bad attendance!

Andrew - they've worked out how to get on the hanging feeders and gobble up the sunflower hearts. But I hear what you say and I will try very hard to think - Rock Dove

Neil - I think we're all cold!

Paul (LBJ) thanks - you might get sent home from work if it's very bad?

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