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Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Frenzy of Frogs

After my post of yesterday I thought I'd seen a lot of life in the pond. However, yesterday evening at about 8.00 o'clock I was aware of some considerable amount of frog noise coming from the pond. I very quietly and carefully opened the door and, with torch in hand, was amazed at the swirling bubbling movement in the pond. This went on for some considerable time and at 21.45 I counted 22 frogs, mostly in pairs but just a couple of ménage à trois - and the noise.....

Utterly amazing and I was so delighted to be able to witness this - and almost from my armchair.

(I've never known there to be as many frogs as this before. I do wonder, however, if this may be the result of my neighbours' getting rid of their pond last summer!)

This frantic frenzy of froggy frolics was still in full flight when I went to bed at about 10.30 last night.

So yesterday this was the picture during the day:
(click to enlarge for the details)

and this morning -
well, you can see by these results that my froggy friends have been rather busy! Lol


Roy said...

Hey Tricia, copulation is a noisy business. {:)

Liz said...

Very exciting!

Will we be getting development photos? :)

swatson said...

boy tricia you are going to have a lorra lorra frogs there

Tricia said...

Roy - it is indeed; especially en masse - and very musical :D(They're being musical again as I type (at 13.40 on Thurs 26th)

Liz - I will try my best!

Sheila - all those froglets to watch out for when cutting the grass!!

Jayne said...

As always Tricia your photographs are superb, what an inspiration you are for me to get the better of this camera - Thank You

Tricia said...

Jayne "blush" - thank you!

You will get more out of your camera - it's a constant learning process as I'm still finding out. That's what makes it so great :D

neil said...

wow, just a few frogs! I've been keeping an eye on local ponds butt theres been no activity yet.

As for the extra frogs, I rmemeber my nans pond used to have jaust a few toads, until one year when about 50 frogs turened up. They must ahve come from somewhere else in one go, and ive always assumed this was because someone filled in their breeding pond

Tricia said...

Neil - I'm sure there's something in that - they've got to go somewhere after all!

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