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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snowy Painshill Park

It's Wednesday - Painshill Park have free entry - would it be open? - the sun was shining - the sun was warm - let's go! And yes, it was open, albeit access to certain part was restricted. On entry to the car park, several notices advised drivers that we entered at our own risk and no snow clearing had taken place in the car park.

The nice lady on the entrance desk advised me not to go where there were "no entry" signs and that the far end of the park was closed (this is the steep naturally woody bit). This was for visitor's safety and also to be aware that no areas had been cleared of snow. She wished me a good and careful walk!

In other words - "we're open" but "be careful" - how sensible! (I had noted that Claremont Gardens (NT) WAS closed)

So off I walked, getting really warm in the wonderful sun. Hardly any people about and those that passed all wished each other "good day" - lovely!

It's hard to go out at this time of the year, without enjoying the company of a robin. Today, this chap was a real poser and, as I walked along, I saw four at the same time. Great stuff!

A robin and catkins - whey hey!

A record shot as this Song Thrush, as soon as I got the camera up, flew off to join its companion

On the way in...

From the entrance bridge

The first view..

so let's wander around...

Fly past off two Egyptian Geese

A thoroughly enjoyable walk in the sun and snow.

As I got into my car to leave the snow covered car park, a male driver (a bit full of himself) entered the car park and just drove (in a manner I'm sure he thought was impressive) into the deeper snow to turn around. He smiled at me - he was very sure of himself - he then tried to move forward; he tried again; he tried reverse; he tried forward again - his wheels spun at each attempt

I put my car into 2nd gear - used low revs - moved gently and successfully forward in the snow, (tried very hard not to look in his direction) and drove down the drive to the gates.

I could hear the his engine revving as I left the premises - I wonder if he's still there?

(I hope I don't sound too smug) :D


Warren Baker said...

Ha!! serves him right.

Could you send over some of those swans, they don't show up here to often!

Jan said...

Wonderful photos Tricia, you certainly had a lot more snow than us, and we didn't get any blue sky and sun today either, was pleasant enough outside though.

Ha ha at macho man ;o)

mick said...

Beautiful photos! The last part of the post gave me a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Tricia. A lot more scenic, than up here.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Tricia. As for you being smug, nah, but i bet it was a lovely feeling seeing the posing git stuck in the snow LOL.


Pete said...

the robin isn't bad ;)

as to the driver. May I casually remind you of that driver at salthouse who almost got stuck in the shingle? and who had stones rattling for twenty miles?

Tricia said...

Jan thank you - macho man? well he thought he was Lol

Mick - glad to have made you laugh. I laughed all the way out of the car park.

Thanks Dean

Paul - oh I was smug but..... silly billy he was and yes - it was rather a good feeling!

Pete - so glad the robin passed muster (raises eyes heavenwards).

and the driver at Salthouse? Don't know who that was......!!

Tricia said...

Warren - will have a word with the Swans and see if they would like a holiday over your way - they wouldn't even have to book their flight! lol

The Early Birder said...

Lucky lady...some of us actually made it to work at last & we were open!
Thanks for the tour of Painshill, I've passed by so many times (going somewhere else) & never entered 'tut' 'tut'.
P.S. You're not the only one to have felt 'smug' in the last few days. Lol

Miranda Bell said...

Love your pictures - the story at the end was making me laugh - it serves him right from trying to be so clever - I can just imagine the type!! Driving away would have been even more satisfying! Maybe he is still there... perhaps you'd better go back and check tomorrow! You always get plenty of these types on the ferry coming over to France - it's usually them that get hauled over for a check at customs!!!
The park before I forget to say anything about this looks beautiful.

avalon said...

wonderful photos as always, bet that man wasn't so smug afterwards may teach him a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,
We saw something sililar in our village when we went to the doctors on Tuesday. A Marsarati drivers wheels kept spinning as the road hadn't any grit on it. Me in my little Daihatsu Charade had no problem!!

Pleased to hear that Painshill Park was open when you got there. I hope to get to one of the free Wednesday's in February before it finishes.Love the robin photo's.

You are very brave driving to Painshill Park and Box Hill in this weather. Jackie.

Tricia said...

Frank - well done Wisley being open! And sorry you had to work!

Miranda - thanks and yes, it does serve him right doesn't it! I've seen the behaviour on the ferries and yes - hopefully they're the ones to get pulled over.

Avalon - hope he's learned his lesson :D

Jackie - the roads weren't too bad when we set off.

oldcrow61 said...

Really enjoyed the photos.

Mel said...

The Robin pictures are so beautiful!!

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