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Monday, 2 February 2009

We're at a standstill - it's snowed

We had about 30cms of snow overnight and dawn broke - white! So out into the garden brushing the snow off the feeders and clearing bird baths. The garden became alive with birds!


The is the second Blue Tit I have visiting the garden, that has a deformed beak. Whereas the other bird's deformity is restricted to being just a longer beak. this one is considerably longer and crossed.

Having watched both birds feeding, it seems that they can get food up (from the ground) better by turning their heads sideways. I do hope they can get enough food to keep them warm in this weather.

The Paras have landed (or are about to)!

Foraging Blackbird

The garden

Looking out of a front window

Across the back gardens

Then this afternoon I met my daughter (SPD) and grandson (J) on the local golfcourse. En route I passed a couple of snowmen

Although I think this is a Snowdog!

Then through the woods...

and across the golf course to the church and Marney's Pond

We met by the pub on the green and had a drink. From the amount of people in the pub it was more like a weekend day rather than a Monday!!

J decided to start a snowball...

and unbeknown to him, his mother came up behind with a large amount of snow and...

...dumped it over him!

J then decided to made a Snow Angel - but I couldn't get a picture of - simply snow!

Back through the woods to home.

The weather may have thrown airports, traffic and public transport into chaos but I passed so many families out playing in the snow and it was good to see them having, it seemed, a great time - at least if all the laughter was anything to go by.

It's reported that we've had the heaviest snow for 18 years! Tonight's forecast: a heavy frost with -2 degrees C- which means it will be very very slippery tomorow - lovely! :(

Then - home for a cuppa. What a day!


Phil Green and Mandy Pavey said...

would seem like a fun day was had by all, and some lovely pictures to make it even more special.

Anonymous said...

Tricia, you have been having a field day. It should snow more often, (perhaps not though) Great lot of photos. Its amazing what you see of some birds and how they, with various deformities tend to get by and live as long as the rest.

SPD said...

It was fab, same time tomorrow??

Tricia said...

Phil and Mandy - thank you...

Roy thank you too - yes it was a field day in more ways than one

SPD - it was good wasn't it! Yep, you're on!

The Early Birder said...

I don't think I've ever seen such deformities with my Blue Tits....What are you feeding them Tricia?

Good to see you had a fun day, snow & all.

mick said...

Just like the picture books! Magical!

Warren Baker said...

Hey tricia,
Thats some collection of bird feeders you have there! I thought I had my work cut out filling mine!

Ive come across a few blue tits like the one in your pic, and they do seem to survive ok.

Tricia said...

Frank - apparently this is not uncommon in birds. LOL I don't think it's the sunflower hearts!

Mick - it's even more magical now that it's dark and the garden lights are on; the snow reflects the lights!

Warren - I've had to be firm and not provide any more when I shouldn't really have as many as I have! (It's quite expensive at this time of the year) But......

Owlman said...

Very cool. We're expecting 3 inches over the next few days.

Roger B. said...

Parakeets and snow... now there's a strange combination!

Tricia said...

Only 3 inches Owlman Lol. You're welcome to ours - I wish it would go now :)

Roger B - yes; that combination rather does play with the senses doesn't it!

Carin Fuchs said...

What a wonderful day you had, Tricia! Perfect for a snowball fight! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Jan said...

Great photos tricia, I'm not envious though, not keen on snow, has already mucked up my plans for tomorrow I think, and we've only had about 2 inches here so far, but means I won't be able to get my car out and onto the main road, pathetic isn't it.

Poor Blue Tit, I had a Great Tit here a couple of years ago with a similarly deformed beak, not quite as bad as that though if I remember. Sad all the same wonder if he will make it.

Tricia said...

Hi Jan and thanks. I'm not that keen either; it's been fun for a day but...... And yes, fingers crossed for the Blue Tits.

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you had a great day. The pictures are just wonderful. I can't get over those parrots, what beautiful birds. Strange to see them in the snow.

Eagleseagles said...

It was a happy day here too!
Lots of families out playing together and snow fights that were fun as the snow was so soft!

Out walking with cameras - to Osterley park.

Some pics on my blog!

I like the pics of the snow being dumped on grandson!

That BlueTit is more like a Crossbill altho I dont reckon its beak is strong enough for pine cones!


neil said...

Fantatsic pics. There wasnt as much snow in the part of North kent I was trapped yesterday, but it was enough to make a barn owl come out hunting in the day so I was happy :)

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Hi Tricia, good to see where all the snow is. My guess would be if you have 2 blue tits with "crossbills" they'll be siblings as this will presumably be a genetic defect rather than damage to the growing bill as a new hatch. They'll be fine as long as the insects they devour don't become cross eyed :-)

Tricia said...

OC - thanks. It was a great day indeed and yes I agree, green parakeets in the snow do look a little odd!

C - glad you enjoyed your day too.

Neil - thank you. And lucky you with the Barn Owl!!

Andrew - that interesting - I wonder if they're from the family of Blue tits I had in the garden (not that they nested chez moi!)

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Tricia - glad you're enjoying the snow - must admit was amazed at the Paras - are they some escapees from somewhere - I've never seen these in the UK when I was living there? Miranda

Tricia said...

Hi Miranda.

They are here in their thousands and mostly in the South East of England. There used to be a roost of some 4 - 5,000 about a mile away from me. Many people take the view that they are a pest now as call them "posh pigeons".

There are various theories as to how they came to be here; the one that I would like to believe is tht the Parakeets were stage "props" used during the filming of The African Queen, that eventually escaped! (The paras that is!)

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