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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Still snow!

When I awoke this morning the snow was still deep, but crisp and not so even. It had frozen overnight so was very crunchy under foot. My road is very quiet at night, but by 6.00 a.m. I'd heard four cars crunching their way, albeit very slowly, up the road.

Sitting watching the usual bird visitors, I was aware that a fox had been in the garden overnight - he'd left telltale footprints in the snow!

I swept the paved area that leads up to the garage and by this time the sun had come out. So - tools away!!

As the sun shone early this morning it lit up the snow-laden trees around me. This was much more the Magical Winter Wonderland than the dull skies of yesterday.

Having done some very necessary food shopping, and following a phone call from SPD (my daughter) we decided we'd head off for Boxhill . No sledge available but J had brought a plastic tray from home so.....

Starting out at the bottom of Box Hill

having slid down to the bottom..

We started are upward climb to find this view from about half way up

Still on our way up but beginning to slide...

and falling off the tea-tray :D

so Mum decides to help....

but J ended up in the same position - flat on his back

Finally, at the top J decided it was about time Mum did some sliding too so, with very little encouragement...

and a gentle but well meaning (I think!) push..

which ended in mixed success!!

Looking out at the world from the top (well almost the top!)

After all that exercise, it became necessary for a well earned snack at the cafe back down at base camp.

Having dropped my charges at home, I had a quick nip into Bushey Park. By now the sun had virtually disappeared and a great deal of snow had melted losing that magical quality.
The ponds were frozen solid, so the waterfowl were walking on water - or, more accurately, ice!

But, tomorrow the school reopens and SPD is on night duty. However, it's been a great two days, entirely unplanned, and great fun! Thanks SPD and J :D


spd said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
spd said...

Mum it was a fantastic day out again although I think i need to work on the elegance and decorum levels! Love as ever SPD

Tricia said...

No work needed and don't change SPD - you're great as you are :D

Little Brown Job said...

Lovely shots, a real winter wonderland. Hope we have some left here to enjoy at the weekend.


Miranda Bell said...

Love all your snowy pictures... wish we had that much here - it's just magical!

Tricia said...

Thanks Miranda I'd be quite pleased for you to have it all; it's lost its appeal a bit now :)

Janine said...

Fab coat and wellies!!! Glad to see y'all having fun.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I have just spent a very pleasent time here catching up on your posts from last Friday.. You have had so much more snow than us. I have enjoyed all you pictures... the Blue Tit with the over grown beak is a sight to behold... it is thanks to you and your feeders that it as survived for sure. Love your Mr. Chips.... I met a Robin or two on my Monday morning walk.. I will post pictures of that on Friday.
Excellent Blog you have here.


Wiggers World

Carin Fuchs said...

Something must be wrong with my computer! The pictures of YOU sliding down the hill just won't show! LOL LOL LOL LOL

Another lovely winter day for you!
Tell J that he is a lucky boy, -there is a lot more snow necessary over here to get a day off from school! LOL

Tricia said...

Hi Tom and thanks. I shall look forward to Friday on your blog!

Carin =- I'll pass the message on to J.

The pictures of me sliding down the hill? Yes - it must be your compoter's having problems! Or it could be that - we ran out of time before my turn :D

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