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Monday, 20 April 2009

I love this weather..

Yesterday evening, after a later than normal evening meal, I was gazing out into the garden. I'd had a good day out and was enjoying a (very small) glass of Merlot as twilight enveloped the garden.

Just as I was reflecting on how the simple things in life (such as a good wildlife day) can bring, I heard a bird singing and, high up in a tree, a Song Thrush with its beautiful song, heralding the end of the day and the start of the night.


Today, as I'd spent so much time out and about recently, I felt I should cut the grass and do some much needed gardening.

The weather was glorious - just right - the sun gave warmth of about 70 whilst the air was fresh. I even sat outside whilst I had my sandwich for lunch. I got so warm gardening that I changed into my shorts - not a pretty sight at all but great for gardening! I love this weather!

The tadpoles in the pond are numerous - be exciting if they all make it to be frogs!
(Very difficult to get pictures)

Many pond skaters are about - it's amazing when you see how they stay on top of the water!!

"My" robin (I believe the one that was ringed in January 2008) kept me company and watched my antics from the apple tree.

And the tulips are now in full bloom.

I got most of what I needed to do done, BUT, having cut about 3/4 of the grass I then managed (I still don't know how) to cut the electric cable as well. PHEW! That was a very scary moment but fortunately everything was OK.

I'm lucky in that I have a lawnmower service place around the corner, so my mower is now awaiting a rewiring job. Whilst I look at a job half done!

Hey ho! Hopefully it will be released newly wired tomorrow and I can complete the task!


holdingmoments said...

It certainly has been a gorgeous day Tricia; sadly I've been working most of it. :(
Lucky escape with the mower! Hope you get it fixed soon, and take extra care ;)

Warren Baker said...

Its great to be able to sit out in the evening warmth Tricia. I still havn't cut my grass yet this year! I just can't be bothered with it. :-)

Midmarsh John said...

Great weather here as well Tricia. Reached 20C. I even rolled my sleeves up. Not quite hot enough for shorts - another 2 degrees should do it. :)
I spent time potting up various plants I have bought over the past two weeks.
I hate dragging electrical wires around the garden. I once did your trick with hedge trimmers. Goes with quite a bang. I now use battery operated ones and a petrol mower.
Photographing creatures in water is indeed difficult. Lovely pond skater though. You can see the surface skin of the water bending under the weight of it.

Tricia said...

Sorry to hear you've been at work Keith - and yes, I will be careful next time!

Warren - you're probably doing the wildlife a favour by leaving it alone.

John - I really wanted a petrol mower when I got this one, but a couple of members of my family talked me out of it. I wish I'd followed my instincts - I really detest cables!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tricia, I am very glad your still around.
No wonder you got the Merlot out.

Tricia said...

Aw - thank you Roy.

The Early Birder said...

I've had a walk round here tonight & realised that the "postage stamp" grass need about 10 inches off, certainly not a mower job so it will have to be done by hand.
Anything left in the bottle as I might need some. Enjoy the sunshine.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Tricia,

Why only a SMALL glass of Merlot?!!!

HLH (His Loyal Highness, my husband) just recently cut through the cable of the hedge cutter which had only been used once before! and today our ancient lawn mower blew up!

Just one of those days, but such beautiful weather!

Btw, I commented on your last post last night but am wondering if I previewed it (as I do,in the hope of picking up any mistakes) and then neglected to publish it, if it was my mistake then I apologise but if it was your mistake you owe me a glass of red!!!

Tricia said...

Frank - I'll make sure there's a glass left for you :)

Jan - Seems to be a cable cutting day all round doesn't it! So it's now off shopping for a new mower then.

I've checked the blog for unpublished/unmoderated posts and there are none Jan; but you're welcome to a glass anyway :)

SPD said...

MUM! get a petrol mower pleese kinda wnat you to hang around a bit! I think this means that you shouldnt do the mowing but go out and enjoy yourself instead. Lv SPD

Jayne said...

What a day hey Tricia, we too had to use the "flymo" at the weekend our trusty petrol jobby gave up after ten years loyal service. OH hated the "flymo" which is only kept as a standby, he didn't like the cable dragging or the way it cut, so more pennies to be spent at the weekend no doubt!!!!
Lucky you, you still managed to get some decent shots even after your busy and eventful day. Hope you enjoyed your Merlot !!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your daughter that a petrol mower is safer, the trouble is I can't usually get ours to start, so I can only use it when Phil is home!!!

I don't drink, but I am sure I enjoy a cup of tea like you do your merlot, Cheers, Lets hope this lovely weather is with us right through the Summer.Jackie.

PS Thank you for the welcome message on the big bird forum.

oldcrow61 said...

What a gorgeous Tulip there. Would have loved to have shared a glass of merlot in your garden. Sounds lovely.

Tricia said...

SPD - one day perhaps; no need to worry though, I'm fine! Honest LOL

Jayne - oh yes, the Merlot went down a treat - especially accompanied by the songthrush singing.

Jackie - cheers Jackie - whatever one's tipple. And you're welcome.

OC - Just hop on a plane; you'd be very welcome - I'll have a glass standing by for you.

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