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Thursday, 23 April 2009

A quick end of day visit

I cut the remaining bit of grass today - and the mower wouldn't switch off. So I had to unplug it to stop it - then I plugged it back in again - and it started - all by itself! A quick trip back to the repairers fixed it and all is now well.

I then ascertained that my spare pair of (non self-darkening) glasses, that had the lens replaced as the original lens were wrong (!) were ready for collection. Duly collected these, did some essential food shopping and, on the way home at the end of the afternoon, treated myself to a quick trip around Bushey Park.

I bumped into a fellow photographer Mark (who's succumbed and upgraded his Canon 400D to the 50D), and he and I passed several enjoyable minutes photographing the birds in the boating pond.

And here we have the results. The sun was sinking in the sky although the light was strange!
Tufted Ducks

Posing Crow

and Magpie

The Mallard Family

And some Tufties going off to roost
"Please wait for me"....

A Red-crested Pochard in flight

Red Crested Pochard - male

Tufted Duck - female

Posing Mallard

Egyptian Goose in flight

Mallard enjoying an end of day rest

then joined by her partner

and one of the three Mandarin Ducks

I'd not taken any sort of jacket and by now I was getting very cold - temperatures have dropped a bit since yesterday.

Mark and I decided this was a good time of day for flying birds, the light and pictures, so - I might go back again late tomorrow afternoon so I can spend some more time.

Thanks for your company again Mark.


Jayne said...

Great shots once again, your patience and expertise with your camera skills certainly pays off in your results!!

swatson said...

just adore those mandarin ducks
such lovely clear photos as usual Tricia

Chris said...

Wow what a diversity! Incredible shots and fantastic posts! Well done Tricia.

Joe said...

Hi Tricia,

Great posting, I love reading your ducky stories. Sounds like you are having some fun with your camera and trying new stuff, etc. I think its great that you are enjoying watching those wetland birds at the moment- I can't wait to read more.

mick said...

A Perfect end to the day! Thanks for sharing.

Phil Wallace said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Phil Wallace said...

What gorgeous flight shots, Tricia, Very fine. Well done.

Midmarsh John said...

Here's hoping your jammed switch makes your third and final problem.

What terrific photos. The lighting later in the day makes quite a difference, as , I believe, does the early morning light. A softer, gentle light.

It started off cooler here but did reach 19C by teatime.

Janine said...

Great shots of the crow- they can be so difficult to get the contrast right.

ShySongbird said...

That lawnmower of yours seems to have a life of its own!
Lovely photos as always Tricia, I loved the Mallard family, so sweet!
Not so warm here either today. I fear it may go down hill again and still so much to do in the garden.

Tricia said...

Jayne - yes you do need patience for any wildlife photography - but can be very relaxing

Sheila, thanks - Mandarins are so colourful they make good subjects

Chris - thank you - there's usually so much to see in the Park.

Joe - Thanks. One day I'll get the "perfect" flight shot!

Mick - thanks.

Phil - thank you - still practising though :)

John - I hope so too! Yes beginning and end of day light, for me, is always better. Can be far too harsh in the middle of the day and too much overhead (at this time of the year).

Janine - Yes any dark coloured bird like the crow can be a pain to photograph. Again, the lowness of the sun helped.

Jan - I'm sure it sits there mocking me wondering what it can get up to next!

Surprisingly one of the few mallard families given the number of them about in the Park. But there's plenty of time yet.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Red Crested Pochard Tricia, I rarely see them up here.

Pete said...

nice flight shots

holdingmoments said...

Great pictures as always Tricia. Love that Crow, he looks like a youngster.
A good end of day.

Tricia said...

Roy - thanks. They seem to be everywhere around my way at the moment.

Pete - thank you. I was reasonably pleased with them.

Keith, thank you. - I wondered about the crow being a youngster too - it did behave rather like one. Not timid at all!

Anonymous said...

What your mower did sounds very like what my camera did yesterday! Modern technology.... sigh.

You have some lovely pictures here. I passed a duck pond with my camera a few days ago, but it's scummy looking; not nice.

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