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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Down south by the sea

I'm going to be spending quite of bit of time in Sussex keeping my grandson company. I was there this weekend but the weather, initially, was not that good.

I went for a solo walk whilst my young teenage charge did what all teenagers do on a Saturday morning - stayed in bed!

It was cloudy and dull but made for some interesting conditions out at sea.

A little later, without protesting too much, we walked into the town and by now, the sun was coming out!

We walked along the pier and looked back at the turning tide..

The rounded end at the end of the pier is rather attractive..

and underneath.... interesting ...

Our stroll along the pier over we looked back into the sunlight and out to sea.

We did our shopping and then hunger overtook us... so off to a cafe overlooking the sea for eggs on toast and bacon sandwiches with a cuppa.... yummy!

Thanks for your company J - had a good time :D


holdingmoments said...

Looks like you had the beach to yourselves Tricia.
A good end to the day, at the cafe. :)

Glo said...

Hope you have a most enjoyable time with your grandson ~ seems you have started off well, and here's hoping that the sun joins you, too. Always interesting to observe the light interacting between sea and sky,and the pier adds another dimension. Nice spot :)

oldcrow61 said...

Looks like a lovely spot for a walk. Very nice shots indeed.

Tricia said...

Keith, Glo and OC - thank you for your comments

Very few people about at this time of the year and I love it like this; Grandson J is always good company and it's always great to be along the shoreline.

The sand is usually a good photographic subject and is never the same...

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