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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Frogs and a spider!

Well... I'm sorry to say it's grey and wet again!!! And it's the weekend....

Yesterday, I was watching the frogs being very active in the pond, whilst standing at the kitchen sink (I do do this occasionally ;) ), when much to my amazement a Grey Heron landed beside the pond... as I moved it flew off.. I don't know who was more surprised!

This morning the frogs were again very busy and, indeed, being very vocal too and much more spawn had been produced. I took a picture but the light was dreadful.

Despite the rain I headed over to Barnes (London Wetland Centre). It might be great for waterfowl, but the lack of light and enormous amounts of wet stuff don't do much for visitors.

So very much "water off a duck's back" today...

On the way out, Terry (many thanks for the head up :D ), pointed out this "Funnel Spider" making its home in a corner under the outside stairs... wonderful to see it! I'm not quite sure whether it's one of "ours" or not.. so if anyone knows anything about them I'd be delighted to be educated!

There was a break in the clouds by the time I got home and the frogs were still churning up the mud and water in the pond. Just a pity they wouldn't face the way I needed them to to have their picture taken...

This, taken through the water, was a bit of a challenge photographically!

I wonder what tomorrow morning will bring?


oldcrow61 said...

I love the last picture. lol. Great shots as always. Interesting spider!

Tricia said...

Thank you :) The spider IS interesting OC, but I'm not sure about it..... lol

Gary said...

Great series of photos!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

holdingmoments said...

Your frogs have been busy Tricia! lol

The spider, if it is a Funnel Web, is an Australian......highly poisonous.
The web of the Black Lace-weaver is very similar, so hopefully it's one of these; they're not deadly lol

Either way, I'd give it a wide berth ;)

Gaina said...

As a recovering Arachnophobe, I'm inclined to label it 'all kinds of wrong!'. LOL

I have however asked a few wildlife peeps who follow me on twitter to come and take a look :)

Tricia said...

Gary - thank you

Keith - I thought it was Funnel Web having googled it but was unsure given its country of origin. Not heard of the Black Lace-weaver.

Glad they're not deadly and I def gave it a wide birth... leave well along says I lol

Gaina - you're very brave to have visited :D Hopefully you'll get some answers from your friends - any help gratefully received.

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