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Thursday, 10 February 2011

More fluttering at Wisley

I decided to have another crack at some flutter pictures at RHS Wisley yesterday; I now have a replacement tripod although it's not one of the easiest to use!

I'd kept the camera and macro lens warm in the car and "hugged" them to me as I made a dash to the Glasshouse. It paid off as I didn't have to wait too long for the lens to demist!

The sky was cloudy and little sun - this is an advantage as the flutters tend not to fly about too much without the sun.

These are so amazing in their markings. A complicated pattern of browns/reds and creams on the underwing and..

iridescent blue on the outer wing... very metallic and shiny when the sun is on them.

This marbled presented quite a photographic challenge..

This one was hard to capture as it wouldn't stay still but kept fluttering its wings to keep it close to the flower to feed... in a similar way that the Humming birds does.

and I just couldn't get the focusing right on this fascinating flutter. Its wings, in the main, were as transparent as glass and its body so tiny that you could easily miss seeing it.

In the glasshouse, the flowers too were blooming and colourful

and finally, outside, the dwarf irises were uplifting to see.

After that I went along to the birdhide... which was locked!! I came back and asked a very helpful lady in the Library and Information Centre, why was it locked and was it going to be open. She made some phone calls.... it was lunchtime and the relevant person not available. I headed off for a bite to eat and, as suggested, came back. I was advised that it was an oversight and it would be unlocked at/by 1.00 p.m. It was.....

I sat on my own ( :D ) watching and was rewarded with the sight of not one, but 2 Kingfishers - they were over the other side from the hide it was great just to sit there and watch them fishing. Definitely worth pursuing gaining entry to the hide.

And my thanks to the kind lady in the Library who really pulled out the stops to get some answers for me.


Glo said...

What enchanting photos on a grey day here. Interesting that when the sun doesn't shine, the flutters are less active... kind of like me ;) Very good of the lady to help you get entrance to the bird hide. Sounds like a great day!

Ragged Robin said...

Great photos, Tricia and I love that butterfly with the transparent wings. Sounds like a lovely place to visit.

holdingmoments said...

Really colourful post Tricia.
Those butterflies are beauties.

Chris said...

These are very impressive and colorful pictures Tricia..... I love the pictures of the first butterfly and the blue in its wing is just wonderful.... The second butterfly is also beautiful, and the plant shots are wonderful too. A very fine post....

Anonymous said...

Really lovely flutter and flower photos.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr's Baily of the Butterfly world, some superb macro shots of the Flutter's there, i think though it's your 10th photo,
that is truly outstanding! the thought alone needed to capture the subject is worth an award!+ the leaf detail.
Also the flowers, again superb.
You sure did deserve your find of the Kingfishers, so Tricia, another great photographic post.


Tricia said...

Glo - glad the pics brightened up your day. I would agree about sunshine equating to activity :D

RR - thank you. The flutters are there only for a few weeks each year. And yes, that transparent flutter was amazing!

Keith - thanks. It's wonderful to watch them flying about too.

Chris.. thank you very much.. the blue is iridescent and really gleams in the sunshine!

Thanks Digi.... praise indeed :D

Paul...not an easy subject but utterly fascinating.. pictures don't really do it justice. I was really chuffed to get sight of the Kingfishers albeit a distance away. Just to watch.... hopefully they will breed again there this year and we will get to see them.

oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful butterflies. Great shots.

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