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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Is it Spring? The frogs think so....

It's that time of year again. For the last couple of days the pond has been disturbed by several frogs getting very amorous! No frogspawn as yet, but for the last two years, it's appeared overnight and in the morning of 25 February - which is tomorrow.....

Today I walked with a friend around the woods and fields of Polesden Lacey.

We started out by walking down a steep slope and across the fields - slip-sliding in the mud. The ground is still very water logged.

From the new bird-hide up near the house, we watched dozens of blue and great tits, Chaffinches, Greenfinches and a Nuthatch enjoying the feast provided for them.. no pics - didn't have the right lens!

The bird song was wonderful and most obvious through the woods.

Having walked for a while we came to this bridge - it seems to be in the middle of nowhere but must have been significant in the past - it's a really solid construction albeit there are now signs asking visitors not to lean on the sides!

We look down...

We then walked down by the side of the bridge..

and under it looking back up the hill..

After a while we came to this "tunnel" through the woods..

Later on the view opens out..

and in the distance, you can see Polesden Lacey house at the top of the hill - this is where our journey had started!

A wonderful carpet of snowdrops in the woods


As we walked further, much to our amazement, we saw two yellow Brimstone butterflies! Well is was really warm in the sun and no wind today - lovely!

And finally, back up the hill and under another bridge.
The sun was glorious - I do hope it lasts into the weekend...... sigh!

A great mornings walk and really got the blood circulating with all those hills!


Midmarsh John said...

Whoops, put my comment in the wrong place -ah, another senior moment!

No frogs here but a Mistle Thrush, amongst others was singing all morning and there has been a Hedgehog about all week.

Glo said...

It looks much more like spring there than here, which looks and feels like the middle of winter. Sounds like an enchanted walk, and I love your carpet of snowdrops.

ShySongbird said...

A lovely place to walk and some very nice photos, Tricia. It was a glorious day here yesterday but back to gloomy today!

Lovely photos of the Dunnock on the previous post.

holdingmoments said...

That looks a very nice place Tricia. Lovely looking bridge too.
I guess the sign is to cover their selves if anyone is stupid enough to fall off. Too much of a 'cotton wool' society these days.

Roy said...

We tend to rely on your frogs as a good spring indicator Tricia.{:)

Tricia said...

John - no worries lol Lovely to hear the Mistle Thrush.

Glo... there are definite signs of Spring... hope it will be with you soon

Jan - thank you...gloomy here again on Friday and today1!

Keith - it's a great place. Hopefully some interior shots before too long when the house reopens.

Roy - they're a good indicator and it's great to see some movement in the pond after a very long winter!! Even seen a Boatman!

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