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Sunday, 21 July 2013

and, finally, The Spanish Riding School and State Opera House

Sadly, our last day, - where did the last few days go... far too quickly

We were booked for a tour of the Spanish Riding School at 10.00, so after packing and brekkie we set off.

Just a few scenes en route..

And then into the Spanish Riding School.  Photography is not permitted inside the stables with the exception of the tack room etc.  So three post cards bought of what must be familiar sights for those who know of the famous and beautiful Lipizzaner horses

One of the two stable cats there to greet us..

We toured the stables and saw several of the horses.  Many of them were at their 'summer' location, Piper which is also the stud farm.

And my very own Lipizzaner - thank you Pete for such a lovely momento of some great memories.. xx

and then to the State Opera House.. where we booked onto a tour..

Every seat has its own subtitle screen, where the opera's words are in German and/or English

The stagre is ENORMOUS!! and there is yet another stage of similar size behind this (the main stage)... the iron door to the 2nd stage is on the left of the picture

All sets and costumes are kept off site at two other locations; this with the exception of Tosca where everything is kept onsite.  Firstly because the scenery etc doesn't take up much room in store and, given that most operatic singers know some part of Tosca, that opera is used as the emergency production.

and the some lunch... this is the cake counter at Cafe Mozart

A visit to the Augustinkirche

and Michaelskirche

The stairs leading up to the Albertine... a Monet painting - very cleverly done!

and here we stopped (with our new friend) for one final ice cream before heading off for the airport and  home....

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Looks such a beautiful city with some lovely buildings and gardens. So much to see and do :) Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

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