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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Vienna... on reflection

Having spent several recent holidays in Italy (and one in Paris) over the last few months, Vienna was a complete change.

One of the first things that struck you was how clean the streets and public areas were!!  Not just free of litter but clean pavements. It made a pleasant change!

Vienna is quite formal in all its gardens too with plants mostly planted in a pattern and not many 'free style' areas.  Having said that, it was lovely to have so many green spaces... something missing in Paris and Rome.

The 'underground' systen that we used to get to the Schloss Schonbrunn was easy to use in terms of buying the tickets (from a machine) and following signs for the line we needed.  Never had any doubt we were in the correct place!  We weren't really there long enough to discover anything else outside the city centre as there was enough in the centre to keep us well occupied!

Vienna is expensive in general in terms eating out etc. but in all cases, it was good value for money.  And I suppose no more expensive than eating out in London would be.  Interestingly, we found a Spar grocery store and it sold many more sophisticated items than found over in the UK.  Having said that the bottles of water, coke etc. were reasonably priced.

The people we encountered were all helpful and information and offered a good service.  The waiters in the Cafe Mozart were particularly friendly and pleased to offer help with choice of wine, cake etc. etc.  Mostly the Ventians were reserved, particularly in comparison to the Italian culture!

The Opera House was amazing; it would have been good to have experienced a concert though...

So, Perugia was probably the best holiday for me so far in terms of we had longer and it was a more relaxed style and the countryside was lovely.  Florence, of the cities, was my favourite, with Vienna, Rome and then Paris.

One day perhaps a return visit and something musical :D

Day 1 - The day we arrived; Discovering Vienna

Day 2 - The Belvedere Gardens and some churches

Day 3 - Schloss Shonbrunn

Day 4 - Historical Vienna

Day 5 - The Spanish Riding School and State Opera House

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

So glad you both had such a lovely time. Vienna looked beautiful from your photos - I would have loved to visit the Riding School and Opera House!

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