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Friday, 5 July 2013

The sun shone and it was hot..a visit to WWT Arundel

Went over to Arundel today... it was very hot.

As I left home, two young Jackdaws were sunbathing on the roof.

Main highlights - a very active Reed Warbler dashing between 3 trees and in full song even in flight!

The two common Terns were on and around the raft.  No sign of the two little ones that I'd seen on my last visit.  One had been seen recently.  They have now left the raft and one was seen in the growth on the bank just under the hide.  No sign of it today.  But I'm convinced the adults are starting to nest again.  Certainly a pile of twigs had appeard and this was being added to by one of the adults..... time will tell!!

On the way out, the Reed Warble was still singing!

Love the colours of the Wigeon (collection birds)

a bit of a preen (collection bird)

I then had some shopping to do... got a phone call to say my camera was ready having been repaird but, traffic hold-ups everywhere so didn't get there.  Hopefully tomorrow morning!

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