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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Historical Vienna

And on our next day, we were to visit the Hofburg Palace and hopefully the Spanish Riding School

and we started our stroll around the Burgarten...

The Statue of Mozart as the monument to a great composer.  Saltzburg was where he was born although it was part of Germany at that time..

The tours for the Spanish riding school were all booked by the time we got there.  And no admittance other than that.

We stopped for a, sort of, lunch :)

at the Cafe Mozart - where else ?

and then a visit to a very hot and steamy Butterfly House

This is the 'town hall' or, to be more accurate the Rathaus of Vienna

then into the Votivkirsche

This building was purely housing some art which was a wall decoration... it doesn't really show well in a picture

As we walked back via the Hofburg, Pete suggest we book a tour of the riding school for the following (and our last) day.  Great idea so we did just that!

A couple of pics of a Lipizzaner - photographs of the horses inside the stables are not permitted but these were visible from the road.

And afternoon tea today?  At the Cafe Sacher - the home and origins of that wonderful 'cake' the Sachertorte....

Another really good day....

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