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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I nipped in to Warnham was quiet except for Terns..

Fairly domestic day today, so with the couple of hours I had this afternoon, I headed over the Warnham LNR... it was cool in the hides

Not much bird life about.  On the Tern Raft I had a count of 5 Common Terns.. I THINK it was 3 adults and two young... the young here in the (rather poor) picture

Around by the feeders it was very quiet.  this Great Tit took umbridge at another on the feeders and chased the new visitor off..

A Blue Tit hid...

One of two young Robins that put in an appearance..

and a Magpie tried to cool down in the heat of the afternoon!

The Mute Swan pair have 5 young now..

We watched a Tern fishing - was too fast for the camera!!

Just the one Great Crested Grebe..

Oddly it kept looking in the cracks of this wooden post... very strange..

On one of the small ponds, was a Broad-bodied Chaser (I think!!)

And the Cobb Mute Swan slept in the cool of the shade.

Just a brief trip but nice to bump into Mike of Barnes fame :)

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