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Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Gardens of Easton Lodge ... a 40s style visit

This afternoon we visited The Gardens of Easton Lodge.  They are not that well-known and not open very often - just on specific days during the summer.

Today it was an event - A World War II day... and a band was paying Glenn Millar, and Cole Porter pieces... very pleasant!

Walking through the gardens flutters were much more evident than as has been the case recently.

Lovely to see several Gatekeepers!

A day of what an adult was entitled to in terms of rationing of food - a week's supply!!

Click to enlarge to read all that was possible for the week!!

We stopped for a drink and some rather delish Chocolate Cake whilst sitting on the grass listening to the band - very nice indeed!

(... all this cake eating... but everything goes back to normal during the week ahead!!)

A pleasant and relaxing afternoon out.

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