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Sunday, 25 May 2008

A British Bank Holiday in the rain

Well, it chucked it down this morning. "Oh great" thought I, "It's going to be waterproofs for dog walking today".

However, it eased off so Grandson, Boo and I headed for Bushey Park on the grounds that, if the heavens opened, we weren't too far from cover.

Very dull for pictures, but we did see a little of this

although the sky mostly looked like this

Tried to find the family of eight cygnets but only found one. I do hope this is a different family

A Grey Heron was having a paddle

and there was some very interesting and attractive fungi on one of the trees next to the pond.

but when the sky started to look like this, we headed off home.

The sun shone this afternoon, but by now I'd confirmed to my Grandson that we'd done with walking the dog for the day. So I did some gardening and we played a bat and ball game - and we both got rather giggly.

However, in addition to a family of Starlings, I now have a family of Blue Tits in the garden; the sound of their calling to be fed, is great. And as I was filling up the feeders a while ago, a couple of Long-tailed tits came for a snack.

Also had the first Swifts over my garden this year - Yay!!

And as I type this, you've guessed, it's raining again.

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