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Monday, 5 May 2008

My days out

As mentioned yesterday, I visited East and West Sussex over the weekend and today I went to Richmond Park to the Isabella Planatation. I had planned to be there very early but didn't make it until 9.45 a.m. However, this was before most people had arrived so not too bad for taking pics.

So... a tour around places visited in Sussex and the Isabella Plantation.

Arlington Reservoir, East Sussex

Amberley Village, West Sussex

St. Michael's Church in Amberley

Mum's village, West Sussex

Parham House and Gardens, in West Sussex.
The gardens are not large but very pretty and good for a gentle stroll;
most parts being wheel-chair friendly. The house (which I like)
and gardens are set in a very large area of parkland and deer
can be seen roaming the estate.

Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

and spot the odd one out..

The mallards in this picture took exception to
having bread thrown into the pond and took off..

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