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Thursday, 22 May 2008

More Walkies

Today Boo and I explored one of the remaining Esher Common areas - Ardbrook Common.

In some ways the name's misleading as this is a mainly a wooded area with a mixture of coniferous and deciduous trees. It's a very pretty wood and although not huge, ideal for a goodish circular walk and there's a well-trodden path along the side of The Rhythe as it winds it's way through the trees.

The general information about Ardbrook is with an emphasis on birds, and I quote

The birdlife of the woodland is rich and varied, particularly on Arbrook Common and many uncommon species nest here. Look out for green and greater spotted woodpeckers, goldcrests, jays, nuthatches, warblers and tits as well as birds of prey such as kestrels, sparrowhawks and tawny owls."

I heard and saw Great-Spotted Woodpeckers, Robins, Blackbirds and Pheasant. I heard a Song Thrush, Chaffinches, Greenfinches.

But, disappointingly I didn't see any Birds of Prey or Goldcrests. Another day perhaps.

And I'm now off duty for 48 hours so I won't have a walking companion until Sunday. I wonder where we'll go then? I shall probably let my grandson decide.

And water is - for paddling in

And around the pond when at home several pairs of
Blue Damselflies were flitting about the pond

and a Bumble Bee was enjoying the Iris.


Pete said...

cute doggy

i think your damsel is azure. look at the abdomen

Tricia said...

Thanks Pete. You may well be right - will have to consult my Dragons book :)

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi Tricia, I posted a gift for you on my site...I always like coming here and today you have excellent pictures as you always do...cheers.

Tricia said...

Ocean - Thank you for my gift; I feel very honoured - and for your kind comments :)

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi Tricia, just me again, I changed my blog and added a blog write up on your blog and the others...I was so rushed last night I did not do a proper job of the awards and felt badly....cheers.

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