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Monday, 12 May 2008

Camera lens, Great Crested Grebes and London

Well what a mixture today. The saga of my faulty lens continues and today I took it back to the company who are going to investigate further. This means I've had to leave the lens with them for further investigation. They have lent me (FOC) one of the hire lens as their treatment of my repair wasn't up to scratch.

However, I wandered along the Thames again and this time used the long focal length.

I then went to Bushey Park again hoping that a) The Great-Crested Grebe pair and their young one would be nearer the bank and b) the sun wouldn't be directly opposite me! Got some shots, but only record shots as they were so far away.

A Grey Heron was on the island obviously trying to cool down. And the cormorants were keeping cool in the water having a swim.

Along the river bank.

Bushey Park and cormorants..

The Great-Crested Grebe family

Grey heron wishing it were cooler.

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