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Saturday, 31 May 2008

This and that..

The rhododendron in my garden is so full of flowers at present that some of the branches are bending down so low that they're in danger of breaking off.

It's a wonderful shrub for wildlife and late yesterday afternoon is was covered with bees who, in turn, were covered with pollen.

A large number of damselflies were around the pond again and many of them ensuring the continuation of the species.

Today - well it's been nicely warm (I actually got out in a skirt today - yes peeps, I do have legs!) but it was very overcast and the sun hasn't actually been seen that much.

Being on grandson and dog duties again this weekend we headed off for Box Hill for a walk. This time I drove up the "zig zags" which is a road that climbs to the top of the hill (or down - whichever way you prefer to describe it :)) and we set off along the North Downs Way. Having decided it was about time to turn a corner to head back, we found a wonderfully slippery path that let through a heavily wooded area. About half-way along I realised that we were still going down and quite steeply. There were no paths or tracks leading off to higher ground. To cut a long story short, we ended up at the bottom and eventually had a climb back up to the top again.

Along the way were some stiles with a very clever idea for letting one's canine companion through - this can be seen below as demonstrated by my Grandson.

Near the car park we used, is Box Hill Fort. This is one of 13 that were built (in 1899) and is the best preserved and is now a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Whilst only a small part can be seen above ground, there are many tunnels below ground - and Bats have now colonized these tunnels. The Fort has steel doors which are all securely closed with one exception - this has been left open (albeit with bars across the doorway) so the colony of bats are free to come and go.

A rewarding walk which ended with a milkshake, a cuppa and a shared iced Bakewell Tart - yummy.

A newly fledged Great Tit (record shot only)

Not a good day for landscape photography today as
everywhere was in a haze!

and Dogs have their own gate through the Stile

A dark and mysterious wood

Box Hill Fort

Admittance through door permitted -
only if you're a Bat.


Pete said...

i like the dog stile

oldcrow61 said...

Roddies are wonderful, your's looks fabulous.

Liz said...

Hmm, I think I'll have to get a Rhododendron myself. Someone on the corner has one, well a few and they're absolutely enormous, full of flowers - amazing. Only I never saw any bees on it, so assumed they weren't good for them.

Odd... Wonder whether it's a certain variety they like?

Tricia said...

OC - thanks. Think all last summer's rain meant it flowered well this year.

Liz - don't know what variety it is; it was in the garden when I moved here 22+ years ago. The bees have always like it.

Tricia said...

Pete - Yes I liked it too - thought it was a clever idea.

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